Ballito Zipline

An experience of a lifetime

What To Expect

The 1.5km Zipline Tour with the first-in-the-world "Parazip" is a safe and fun adventure for those who love the outdoors and nature.

The Zipline Tour consists of 10 platforms and 5 zip-lines, the longest of which is 400m. This exciting tour is suitable for ages of 5 to 75. Sliding along the Zipline cables enables you to enjoy this eco-adventure from a bird's eye view. The Zipline Tour crosses over the all-year-round flowing Sampoya River and the natural forest surroundings also provide a "breath of fresh air".

After a warm welcome, well trained guides will kit you up in a full body harness and provide you with a helmet and gloves. After watching a detailed safety briefing video, you will be fully equipped and ready for the Zipline Tour. The guides are there to make sure that you are having a memorable adventure and that you are safe whilst doing so.

The absolute highlight of the Zipline Tour is the first-in-the-world "Parazip", where you slide along a zipline cable from the top of the cliff to the bottom with a parachute attached to you. The opening of the parachute is controlled, which enables you to enjoy the experience to the fullest, without having to control the parachute at all.

Each line of the Zipline Tour provides a different experience. You will be hooked on each line, gently slide across the valley to the other side and be hooked off by a guide. You can be rest assured that you will enjoy the experience as you slide along the cables, as you are not required to work a braking system.

At the end of the Zipline Tour, a guide will unkit you and congratulate you on completing the awesome Zipline Tour.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellation can be made less than 48 hours prior to the activity.

Cancellation 30 days prior to the activity forfeit 25%


- Zipline Tour gear
- Guides
- Bottled water on the tour
- A Softdrink of your choice
- A certificate on completion

What to bring

- Sunscreen
- Camera's or Go Pro's
- A sense of adventure!

Additional Information

No previous skills are required. All we request is that you listen to the guides and the safety briefing before you begin the tour.